W.B. School Service Introduce Teachers Eligibility Test  (TET) before main Examination.


Section A

1. Child Development and Pedagogy                       30 Marks

2. Language I                                                          30 Marks

3. Language II                                                         30 Marks


A general student have to score minimum 60% that is 54 marks  and for SC/ST/OBC/PH have to score 55%  (that is 49.5 marks) for the section B.


Section B


Subject Test                                                             60 Marks


For syllabus of subject CLICK Here


Section C


1.Academic Qualification                         30 marks (M.P. 5 Marks, H.S. 5Marks  B.Ed. 6

                                                               Marks,  Degree 14 Marks for pass candidate)

                                                                (M.P. 5Marks H.S. 5 Marks B.Ed. 6Marks

                                                                 Degree 7Marks  PG 7 Marks for Hons candidate)

2. Teaching Experiance                            5 marks  (0.5Marks per year up to 10 years)


3. Personality Test (mandatory)                5 marks



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